Specializing in off-grid cabin and camp construction in remote or inaccessible locations, using timber on-site for materials.


 I am happy to talk about all aspects of building design and practicality/feasability based on the site and the intended use.


My building work is not limited to off-grid living situations. I can construct outbuildings suitable for conventional homesites as well.


Along with new buildings,  I will also add to or repair existing buildings in a variety of conditions.



This pole barn/garage was built primarily using trees I cut and milled on my property. It serves as an addition to my pre-existing garage/workshop.



My workshop is great, but I wanted to add to it. Considering it was in the wrong spot to build onto, my friends and I moved it to a better site using a variety of clever methods, using simple machines and a couple vehicles. Now it's just right. 20/20 hindsight....



The two buildings are shown here as one, with a straight and unbroken ridge cap. Not bad!



The cabin I built is small, well-insulated, and extremely easy to heat. I can design or help you design any variety of camp, cabin, or shelter.



A small shed is a convenient and relatively inexpensive addition to any dooryard.



I did the site preparation, framing, and roof on this shed, and the owners did the trim and paint. It's a good example of how a customer can add personal touches without worrying about the structural design or heavy lifting.



This outdoor kitchen uses an ancient wood-fired cookstove and oven, catches rainwater off both roof pitches, and has a foot pump for the sink. Clear roofing over the picnic table allows for excellent light and a clothesline where you don't have to rush to put the clothes away when it starts to rain. You also can see the gnome-sized woodshed made out of a redwood barrel. It began its life as a water replenishing tank halfway up the cog railway on Mt. Washington. Talk about historic! Then some old-timer turned it into a hot tub. By the time I ended up with it, the wood had gotten just punky enough for me to consider that I didn't want to have to collect, heat and keep clean 500 gallons of water. Anyhow, I think it's a great feature for the summer kitchen.



This small woodshed was built almost entirely from reclaimed materials.



I added this greenhouse, which I built out of used windows, onto a crooked old farmhouse. Notice the tapered supports where the buildings join! The greenhouse is the most level and plumb part of the whole building- and it gets plenty hot in there on a sunny winter day.



This little generator shed is made out of used materials, and I was able to charge the customer substantially less than the price of new lumber.



My outhouse is intentionally crooked for effect, but I can assure you my buildings will be precisely as straight as you want them to be!