Removal of all metals, prices vary with market





Removal of unwanted buildings without obtrusive heavy equipment



Welding and Fabrication


All sorts of structurally sound steel contraptions- automotive, agricultural, snowplows, sculptures, you name it!

Portable, generator-powered stick welder for remote locations.



Snow Removal


Plow truck available for occasional snow removal needs



Bicycles and Skis


I have spent over 10 years working full-time as a bicycle and ski technician, including 8+ years at Omer and Bob's in Lebanon. I highly recommend them for all sorts of bike and ski service. I would however like to offer a few choice services at which I am particularly skilled. 


-custom wheel building (DT Swiss certified). I have built somewhere in the realm of 100 wheels.

-mounting randonee/alpine touring bindings, including Dynafit-style tech bindings using a paper template or when nobody has a jig.

-climbing skin fitment and trimming- I am very good at this!