Offering tree removal of all heights and girths, including extremely precise work between buildings, near utility lines, waaaay up there, etc.


Climbing methods include spikes and flipline, or rope-ascension to minimize tree damage.


Substantial experience in rope handling in a vertical setting coupled with excellent chainsaw efficiency.


Comparatively inexpensive and unobtrusive results.


 I will not be ashamed to admit if a tree job is beyond my capability or judgement!


I am also willing to trim branches, cut up blowdowns and deadfall, buck your firewood logs, build trails in your backyard, or turn your dense, scraggly, impenetrable forest into OPEN WOODS. This is my favorite type of forest- where the canopy is tight, but there is ample room to wander without getting tangled in the underbrush.





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A typical Grafton logging operation, obviously.